About Us

Our Vision

Jazoodle are an Australian tech startup, recently selected as one of Australia's most promising high growth startups and part of the UNSW Founders 10X Accelerator program.

Our vision is to become the world’s foremost resource for organisational success and financial wellbeing. In doing so, we will enable the highest quality organisational comparison insights, and an eco system of key business services. Equally, we’ll contribute to the business and educational enhancement of those individuals without the opportunity of advanced business education

UNSW 10X Demo Night

Our Executive Team

Andrew Paton-Smith Founder Jazoodle

Andrew Paton-Smith


Andrew is the founder and CEO of Jazoodle

Gareth Wood


Gareth is Jazoodle’s Chief Marketing Officer

Simon Wakeford


Simon is Jazoodle’s Chief Operating Officer

Trevor Hartshorne


Trevor is Jazoodle’s Chairman and independent board member

Bill Nourse, CTO Jazoodle

Bill Nourse


Bill is Jazoodle’s Chief Technology officer

Our educational goals

Tertiary education has changed the lives of all of our founders and we're all passionate about the empowering effect of higher education. Jazoodle is keen to assist where it can in education. A fund has been set up internally to be donated to support funding educational scholarships for currently disadvantaged by very promising future business leaders. A percentage of every paid subscription created will be used to add to this fund. We will release more as the fund grows.

Our official sales partners

Jazoodle's strategy is to employ a highly successful multi channel strategy. As part of this, we have now officially appointed our first authorised sales channel partner, Madison Wells. Madison Wells will provide training, educational, and direct client onboarding support for their clients and advisors. View Madison Wells here